German birthday, rain, and snow.

German birthday, rain, and snow.

We were all very excited to get to Germany – a new country and new language and culture is always quite exciting.  Unfortunately we don’t know much German which made it all a little bit more tricky.  I did work in Germany for a couple of months in my late teens, and didn’t learn much but it seemed to be enough to get by.

We arrived on a bank holiday and as such couldn’t get food.  We’d got enough for the Sunday, as we’d learned that absolutely nothing is open on Sundays in France at least and assumed Germany would be the same.  With the Monday being a holiday as well our food stores took a battering and we had hardly any food left by the end of it.  Creative cooking was the way to go!

Our only sunny day in Germany was in Rottweil.  After a completely scary trip over the Black forest hills, when I wished I had a better road map, and praying to the camper gods that Gloria would make it,  we arrived and found out we’d have to talk to someone to get permission to stay over.  Eek!  I managed, once I figured out how to say motorhome in German!  It was a lovely town, complete with Rottweiller statue that Alex enjoyed taking her cuddly dog to (we used to have a Rottweiller called Kaiser, so this toy is the mini incarnation of him!).  It was a shame nothing was open and we couldn’t explore the town to it’s full potential.

adventure 632

We decided to head to Bodensee as a nice stop to celebrate James’ birthday and to give him a break from driving.  Our stop was in Meersburg and we ended up spending 3 nights there.  It was a lovely spot, just 15 min walk to the town.  A little touristy, but sometimes it’s nice to do touristy stuff.  On our first visit we couldn’t see the mountains on the other side, even though we’d seen on postcards what it should look like.  I was wondering if the postcards had been photoshopped! 

adventure 651

We were pretty unlucky with the views overall on our stay there,due to just constant, but we did have one pretty good evening where we could see the Alps.  It was amazing to think they were hiding behind the clouds all the time. So impressive!

adventure 661

The Alps!

adventure 664

adventure 669


Getting pressed pennies – perfect souvenirs for life in a van.

It rained non stop on J’s birthday which was such a shame, but we braved it all to find a cafe serving some Apple Strudel.  A perfect German birthday cake Winking smile 

While we had a nice break at Meersburg we needed to work out our plans for the rest of Germany and eventually getting back to the UK.  All the forecasts showed rain so we couldn’t chase the sun!  We fancied a quick trip into nearby Austria, which we did, but couldn’t stop as it wasn’t a suitable overnight place.  I think I know where the sunshine went to though…

adventure 679

Brrr – it was cold in Austria!  So cold, we didn’t stop long and we headed to our next stop in Fussen.  We headed though snow storms to get there and we got caught in freezing cold rain/sleet on our walk back from the town.  Hmm, maybe should’ve stopped in Austria!

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