Head down, blinkers on

Head down, blinkers on

We’re almost at the stage of leaving this house.  We hire a van at the weekend to move a wardrobe and a couple of other bulky things that my parents are either claiming or looking after for us.  Then we have another 5 days or so to clean up as best we can and hand the keys over.

Hopefully we’ll keep as much of our bond as we can, although who knows!  I just know that if I clean and tidy the place as best as I can, then I can’t be dissapointed in myself.  It’s hard work though.  We’ve been here for 6 and a bit years and there has been a lot of wear and tear on the house.

So I’m getting my head down, and putting the blinkers on.  I need to not be too distracted in the next week while we close this chapter of our lives.  Our internet finishes tomorrow too so I’ll just be connected by our phone data, which should be ok for the odd Facebook message but perhaps not for any lengthy blog posts!

See you on the other side!


2 thoughts on “Head down, blinkers on

  1. Good luck Kirsty! Same here, I’m cleaning out the house and washing down walls, ready to go, after 5 years of kid abuse. It’s amazing what you find.

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