How did that happen? One month to go!

How did that happen? One month to go!

I’m not sure how it happened.  But we have one month to go.  I know.  Crazy!  The ticker at the side says 35 days, but that’s based on a leaving date of 15th April.  At the moment, since we have a housesit lined up in April, we’re thinking we’ll be leaving on the 10th April so we can trundle down at a bit more leisurely pace.

I don’t think I mentioned on the blog where we’re going did I?  We’re spending 3 weeks in Toulouse house and pet sitting for two dogs.  I’m very much looking forward to it.  We’ll have about 10 days to get to Toulouse and I’m hoping we’ll travel via the Tarn gorge area which is high on my list of areas to go to.  So a bit of a push to get down to Millau and then we can slow right down and travel East to Toulouse.  I can not wait!

Millau viaduct – high on our wish list of places to see!

Photo credit – Flickr Jez.Atkinson

That all feels like it’s way in the future though.  We have to get through the trials of now first.  Van troubles – well it’s running!  Gloria had been experience what James thought was clutch problems.  It turned out there was a rubber disc, which had completely perished and to be quite honest I’m amazed we didn’t break down with her when we bought her!  We replaced the bit, which was a huge job and took James ages, but he eventually got it done.  Now she can actually move and our next step is to get her in for an MOT test so she’s road legal for another year.   We’re behing on our prep though, we’d envisiged having taken her out for some test drives and a test overnight somewhere and we’re running out of time to do that.

We’re also suffering from car troubles too!  Our car has been off road for 3 weeks which has left us unable to see people or get to home ed groups.  All the catching up before we left isn’t quite happening.  We were also hoping to be in London for a trip to the Royal Albert Hall but it’s looking increasingly unlikely.  Our car is our back up plan.  If the van decided not to work we’d get home somehow and get the car and carry on (don’t ask me details on how this works, but my head likes a back up plan!!!!).  Right now though it’s not working and may cost upwards of £500 to fix.  Which leaves us with a quandary of whether we do get it fixed or cut our losses.  We’re waiting for our mechanic friend to take a look at it, but it’s taking time as he’s busy.  We’ll make a decision once he’s passed judgement.

We still have so much to do.  I need to get writing a list and making sure I actually do some of it!   James is excited to be handing his notice in, I’m having to hold him back from telling them too early!  Anyone who knows James will know how hard it’s been for him to keep it a secret at work.  I’m not sure I believe he has done it!

So.  Ready to count the days down with me?  Ready, set, go…….!

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