My one tip for travellers…

My one tip for travellers…

So, I’ve been travelling now for four and a half months.  4 and a half months of fun with my favourite people around me.  We’ve been having a ball, but I have figured out one thing that I should have heeded before we set off.  People tried to tell me, but I was having none of it.

Don’t plan too much.

I am a planner.  I’ve said so before, I know, and I figured that since we had such a tight budget that we really needed to have some sort of plan and we’d be foolish not to.  After all, I didn’t want to end up in the most expensive place in the world in the most expensive month of the year!

I planned lots but to be honest we hardly ever stuck to our plans.  We wanted to go to Italy and didn’t make it, instead exploring Germany and loved our time there.  I wouldn’t have wanted to have missed how it ended up.  Since we planned Italy there is a part of me that feels we need to get there at some point, so having plans has made me feel a bit of a failure, which to be honest is a feeling I could do without!

We’ve been to places I thought we’d want to stay a while and not enjoyed them so much.  I’m thankful that our style of travelling (campervan) has meant we can just push on and not hang around places we didn’t like.  If I’d planned a week in the Isle of Skye (which I imagine is much lovelier outside high tourist season) and couldn’t move on I’d have struggled much more.

Sometimes life just throws spanners in the works too and we’ve had to change our plans due to things outside our control.  if we’d not had plans in the first place would we have been so bothered by these little things?  We have flights booked and plans made to spend the last 2 months of our travels in Egypt.  Life in Egypt isn’t as it was when I booked them and now we’re stuck wondering if we should go there anyway or make other arrangements.  If I’d not planned this I wouldn’t be worrying about it now!

Lastly it just curtails the fluidity of it all.  If we’re enjoying life in France we should hang around there more, if we’re not we should move on.  One day I hope I can travel more in this way Smile

Travel is nothing but a learning curve, that’s for sure!

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  1. Totally agreed Kirsty! Our plans change from day to day. We still have a rough framework right up to Christmas because we’ve booked flights, we know we have to be in Malaysia to fly to Sri Lanka for a month and we know that we touch down in London in December. Other than that we’re totally free, it’s the freedom that is so liberating. We’re leaving Laos for Thailand tomorrow. No idea where we’re going yet!!

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