Route 66 on a budget – how we kept costs down

Route 66 on a budget – how we kept costs down

Route 66 on a budget - how we ket costs down on this US road trip of a lifetimeCan you do Route 66 on a Budget?

Route 66 on a Budget?  Can it be done?

As always we travel on a pretty tight budget.  Our Route 66 trip wasn’t the most budget of all our trips that we’ve taken and in fact I should go through my statements and find out a total cost (I’ll be shocked I’m sure!), but we still kept a tight hold of our purse strings and I thought I’d share our tips for this.

Route 66 Hotels and Motels

Accommodation is plentiful and as always in the USA rooms can normally fit four people in 2 double beds.  Now this isn’t perfect when travelling with teens, but for short term trips it’s ok with some pillows to divide the bed!  It’s much better than needing two rooms and keeps costs down per head.

One of the nice things about travelling Route 66 is the fact that you don’t always have to be in faceless chain hotels and there are a lot of independently owned ‘Mom and Pop’ motels to be found.  Now some aren’t as great as others so I’d advise to either check out rooms before you take them or read online for travel reviews.


We went for a mix of both chains and ‘mom and pop’ motels.  The disadvantage of the chains is that they might be on the outskirts of the town as it was when we stayed in Gallup which means it’s a bit trickier to go for a wander.  We stayed in a Motel 6 in Williams AZ though and it was very central.


The iconic motels aren’t always very cheap.  For example in Tucumcari, NM which is well known for the Blue Swallow Motel we decided to stay just across the road at Motel Safari where it had a great vibe, lovely neon lights too and was much cheaper.  We still got the benefit of being able to see the Blue Swallow Motel all lit up as well.

blue swallow motel in Tucumcari AZ
Blue Swallow Motel in Tucumcari AZ


Some things just have to be done and we stayed in the Wigwam Motel at Holbrook, AZ.  It was actually probably the cheapest night we had on the road even though it’s an icon, but inside you could see why – it was a bit shabby inside.  Had to be done though!

wigwam motel on route 66
Wigwam Motel in Holbrook AZ


We always looked ahead to where we thought we’d stay and booked online.  You could just turn up and see if you can get better rates, but we like to have everything sorted in advance so always took that route.  I like to use HotelsCombined as it scans all the big booking sites and so got us the best rates.



If you like to have an ‘offline’ guide for use in the car about where to eat and stay on Route 66 I highly recommend a guide like this one.  (UK link)



When breakfast is provided – eat it!  If we were in a chain hotel then we’d often have breakfast included and we always made sure to eat it.  We’d also make sure to take a bit of fruit to eat as a snack and we’d then be ok until lunch time.

Another tip we have is to have some plastic bowls and spoons with you and then you can buy some cereal and milk – great for when breakfast isn’t provided or just for a snack later in the day.


We visited supermarkets for lunch mostly and to stock up on snacks.  Often we’d buy large sandwiches that would fill up at least 3 of us!  Having snacks for the road is important to keep costs down and avoid that slump when all you want is a treat to keep you going – we tried to have fruit and crisps (chips) in the car as well as drinks.

girl eating a sandwich

Giant Sandwiches!


We did support local businesses and had ice creams every so often (it was so hot – we had to!).  We found that the US was really inexpensive in this respect.

milkshakes at the seligman snow cap cafe
Milkshakes from The Snow Cap in Seligman AZ


We often ate out on Route 66 just because it was more convenient for us as we never had food preparing facilities in our accommodation.  Again, we found that eating out was still not that expensive, even for our main meal in the evening and so was not a huge expense.  As we don’t really eat out often it was quite a change for us!

We looked for small locally owned restaurants and always had positive experiences there.

Tacos in New mexico
Taco Tuesday in New Mexico!


Route 66 Attractions

To keep costs down, have a think before going about which Route 66 attractions you’d like to do and see.  Most places have websites now so check prices before getting there.  There’s nothing worse than arriving and finding out it was more than you budgeted!


A lot of the attraction of Route 66 is quirkiness.  From giant roadside animals, to the oversize cross, so much is just there to be experienced and looked at.  The people also make the road an amazing place – we enjoyed having a chat with  Angel who we had seen on the extras of the ‘Cars’ dvd and knew had been influential in getting route 66 back in the hearts and minds of travellers again.

meeting barber angel delgadillo in seligman
Chatting with the local celebrity Angel Delgadillo in Seligman


Some of the towns were just lovely to walk around and explore which is nice and free- we particularly liked Tucumcari which had lots of murals on the walls and Williams was really nice and had a lovely feel to it too.  Seligman is definitely not one to be missed with loads of old cars and nice souvenir shops to look around.


Some attractions are a little off Route 66 so bear that in mind with your costings (fuel) and also timings.

Meteor Crater is a little off Route 66


We took advantage of nature lots and did lots of the state parks which are generally good value days out.  If you’re doing a lot of state parks then a pass is generally recommended – we didn’t really need to do this as it wasn’t cost effective for our small portion of Route 66.

The Painted Desert is on Route 66




Overall Route 66 can be as expensive or as cheap as you want it to be!  I hope you find these tips useful if you’re taking a road trip in the near future.



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  1. Happy memories of scooping hummus out of tubs in seedy motels up and down the East and West coasts. Yep, motels can be as low as $40/night for a family, with a very crappy breakfast. Lots of fun over there, the kids are itching to go back again…4th time!

    1. I read your comment so early this morning and thought you said humans instead of hummus!! Oops 😉 yeah definitely a good budget choice for families!

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