Saving in our sealed pot – an update

Saving in our sealed pot – an update

Way back in April (which feels ages ago now!) we started saving up in our ‘sealed pot’ other wise known as a campervan money box called Fillmore and you may remember it was to be for an experience like sea kayaking in Cornwall.  Something that we’d love to splurge on but when faced with a mornings activities that would set us back over £100 we thought we’d decide we can’t even begin to contemplate.  We wanted experiences, not things, but at the same time some experiences come at a price and we know this trip will be a budget trip, no matter how I dream otherwise!

Well, saving in Fillmore went really well for ages, but lately it has seemed to taper off.  I think just due to us forgetting really and the novelty slightly wearing off,  so I decided now was the time to open him up, count the money and put it away safely.  We’re not that great at spending actual cash and having change in our wallets as we normally use cards so I wasn’t expecting lots, although I knew there were a few notes in there.

This is what came out:

Fillmore camper van moneybox

Alex and I had a great time counting it all up, reminded me of being a kid and helping my Dad count up his pennies too.  The grand total was…..


Sea kayaking will cost us £120 or thereabouts so this is a huge contribution towards it which means we’ll be less likely to say no to it.  I can’t wait to give it a go.  Fingers crossed for good weather and enthusiastic kids!  The great thing is it’s something we all want to do too.  Me, I’d go off in a hot air balloon, but then only Alex would come with me as James and Marcus are scared of heights!

So, now Fillmore has another job, and it is to take the next lot of our pennies and  change and keep it safe for our travels.  We need to stay focussed and every penny needs to be a prisoner now!

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  1. Wow! That’s great saving!! We also have a camper money box and start saving with good intentions but always dip into the cash 🙁 I think we need one of those pots you have to smash to get the money!!

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