Savouring the moment

Savouring the moment

child lego creation

With all our looking to the future it’s hard to just sit back and enjoy what’s happening now. I need to remember to keep savouring the moment, to keep an eye on where my feet are landing rather than looking ahead at where the path is heading.

All of a sudden it feels like the kids are growing up so, so fast and all the planning isn’t helping! I’m desperate for Christmas to come and go, looking forward to the turn of the calendar into 2013 and can’t wait for Winter to say goodbye so I can welcome Spring. But this has also meant, instead of celebrating having an 11 and 12 year old, I’m looking ahead, planning on having teenagers around, thinking about their future education. I start to plan what the next few years hold and all of a sudden I’m looking at both of them being teens! I’m not really ready for that.

But every so often, they remind you that they are still little kids and there is nothing I can do but let them be little. All of a sudden instead of being preteens, they are spending the ENTIRE day playing with lego, playing together, having fun. For the past week it’s the first thing they’ve wanted to do in the morning and I’m loathe to bring them away from it to do mundane things like maths and chores or decluttering. An entire city has sprung up, houses built, coffee shops added, campervans on the road with miny yellow figures.

This won’t last forever, there won’t be space for it next year in the van, even though we’ll bring a little bit of it, and when we do have a house and access to all our lego again, they might not want it.

So for now I’m savouring the moment. I’m enjoying the 11 and 12 year olds that I have NOW. Even though the lego hurts when I stand on it 😉

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