Testing times

Testing times

I knew we’d hit some testing times before being allowed to do our big adventure.  I mean, if something is worth doing it’s not going to be easy is it?  I also know we’re still not there and am fully expecting more tests to come.

So this last month has been one huge test.  Just clearing the house of all our stuff is one of the hardest things I’ve done.  I know we have kept too much as well, and I wish I could have been more ruthless with the kids and James stuff, but I guess I’m a little too soft! Either that or I like an easy life too much.  So yes, it’s been a tough old slog, but we now have way less stuff than we’ve ever had before and I’m sure one day, when it’s not all sat in my mums house it will feel ever so light and refreshing.

Not only did we have to clear everything, but we had to make the house more presentable again.  We’d been in it for 6 and a half years so the walls were a bit scuffed and marked,  so I repainted all rooms except the bathroom and the hallway.  Never before has a small house felt so huge, and never before was I so glad we lived in a small house!  My arms are still aching from painting, and scrubbing, oh and carpet washing.  I could have left it, but I really wanted to get as much of our bond back as possible so we could put it towards another house when we do come back.  Fingers crossed, I think we’re getting most, if not all of it back.

Goodbye house. Lots of memories, but it’s time to move on.

We had a couple of big items that my parents were looking after for us, mostly a large wardrobe that had sentimental value so we hired a van to move that.  We then used it to take most of the other bits we needed to take over as we’d been a bit waylaid by the weather.  Snow!!  Lots of it fell through the month of January but it melted and I had hope for the actual ‘move day’ but then there was a fresh layer of about 3 inches just on the day before we moved.  Humph!  Thanks for that universe!  James and I were a great team though and battled through it.  The kids spent time with a fab friend who looked after them which meant that we could get on with the big stuff without them.

Most of January looked like this!
The snow had all but melted but then this was the night before we moved!

The universe also threw at us an emotional outpouring from Marcus which seems to be better now, but was worrying for a while and could have come at a better time!   I do love that he trusts us enough to chat to about things he’s worried about though.

So all that is now over.  We’re now out of the house, have no household bills to worry about any more, and are having a long holiday at my mums house.  I’m sure they are questioning whether they should have said yes to us coming over all those months ago, must have felt a bit pie in the sky as we’d talked so many times about travelling.  However, they are being great and hopefully we’ll not be too much of an intrusion for them.

I still can’t quite believe we have got through January!  But we are here and on the last straight.  Now it’s time to be frugal, save lots of money, work lots, and get the van straightened out ready to be on the road.  Hmm.  Lots of testing times still to come I expect!

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  1. It’s so exciting 🙂 I know with each new milestone passed and challenge behind you it feels like another rears up to meet you but you are getting ever close to your dreams xxx

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