So, the year that was 2012.

So, the year that was 2012.

The obligatory end of year post 😉

There was some horrid stuff this year, but I won’t dwell on it, so if I just say death, illness and money worries you’ll get it won’t you?

12 things I have learned in 2012

1.  That when life is low, keeping the faith with your family, going for walks to clear your head, and just thinking of all and any options, just about any crazy plan can start to form!

2.  That I don’t have to do a bells and whistles tour around  the world for it to ‘count’ as travelling, and ambling round my own country is still ‘good enough’.

3.  It is useless to plan, because I’ll change it!

4.  Music is powerful.  There were many days when my inspiration playlist kept me going!

5.  The internet is a fantastic tool to meet likeminded people (I knew this before though, my bestest buds are all wacky internet friends!) and actually there are LOADS of crazy people just like me out there experiencing life in a different way.

6.  sticking a map in front of me is a BAD idea!!  (see no. 3)

7.  Experiences are worth way more than things.

8.  There is such a thing as too many books.  Yup, it’s true.

9.  I have a ready made cheer leading team right here in my house!

10.  All those precious things I collected over the years are just things and aren’t so important.

11.  I need to live in the now, it’s been super hard this year, but it’s important so I need to not only learn it, but put it into practice!

12.  I *can* do this.


12 things I am looking forward to in the next year

1.  A life with less clutter

2.  Proving to myself, noone else, that if I want something I can make it happen.

3.  Sharing the kids childhood with their dad, rather than me telling him about it after work.

4.  Putting our language skills to the test!

5.  Exploring.  Life, alleyways, opportunities.

6.  Spontaneity!  I’m not sure I’m good at this, but going to try it much more!

7.  James cooking more 😉

8.  Walking more – I need to get fitter.  We might take bikes too although I’m not the most confident on a bike!

9.  Trying new food.  I’m not very adventurous with food, but I fancy pushing myself to try new things.  Not snails though.  Nope.

10.  Seeing the sights.  I’m not doing a bucket list of places to go, but if we’re in Paris I want to see the Eiffel Tower and if we’re near Millau I want to see that viaduct.  Preferably from underneath!

11.  Meeting and making new friends.

12.  Living in the moment.  Enjoying the now.  Not looking too far in the future.  Smiling, laughing, sharing.


Bring on 2013!!!



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