What’s your travel budget?

What’s your travel budget?

I’ve hinted before that we’ll be on a *very* budget trip this year but I haven’t quite said much about it all.  There’s a couple of reasons for that, firstly I didn’t know if we’d be able to save enough (we may still be short – we’ll see!) and also, I don’t know if it’s completely unrealistic.

There are a lots of posts around the internet which spout numbers and ideas for how much it costs to travel and what everyone’s travel budget is.  It’s all relative though and what would be a perfect amount to live on for one person would be far too much for another and a crazy amount for someone else!  So please bear in mind that my numbers may be laughable, they may be completely unrealistic and they may also be for a style of travel that would not suit everyone.  We’re prepared to go for an extremely budget style because if we didn’t, we wouldn’t be going.  Gotta be worth a try huh?

Pre trip costs. 

I’m compiling a post that will detail our costs that we’ve had so far, but I think it will be fair to say that including the camper, insuarance, repairs and bits and bobs we’ve needed we’re looking at around £6 – 7000  we’ve spent so far (maybe I’ll get a shock when I actually tot it up!).  Once I know the costs completely, the van needs an MOT which may throw up some problems we need to fix to make the van legal, I’ll post about it.

Monthly travel budget.

This is where I have no idea and I’m guessing completely.  We’re budgeting £1000 (just over $1500) per month.  This sounded ok until you work out that it equates to around £33 ($50 ish) a day.  Yikes!  We have our roof over our heads already so this is for camping/parking costs, fuel, food and things to do.  We’re aiming to travel slowly and not go far between stops, we want to shop and eat local, be out and about in nature.  Free stuff.  We’re not big on eating out anyway, so that wouldn’t likely be a daily thing even if we could budget it in.  While we’re in the UK we’ll utilise free days out, and our National Trust and English Heritage membership, but in France and the rest of europe we might find it’s not as cheap.  Museum entries add up!

I am hopefully going to keep records of what we spend, and also going to get the kids to help out with the budget and the planning of our days too so they are involved with it all.  I’ll also try and post some updates as to how we’re doing.  If anything, we’ll see if it’s too crazy a budget or not.  What a public service huh?

So there we are.  I’m a little nervous posting this, as I just have a feeling we’ll spend way more, and I don’t want people to laugh at me!  But we’re determined to try and try we will.  I’m always interested in how much these dreams and adventures cost people, so it feels only fair I should share our costs too.

7 thoughts on “What’s your travel budget?

  1. It sounds doable to me! Especially with traveling slow and the fact that you will not be making big jumps. In looking at costs to travel, there is a huge range. Cost really just comes down to how each persons defines what they want or must have when traveling. We are very excited for you and your family. We also hope that we will be able to meet up with you somewhere along the way.

  2. I think you can do it, shop in markets, cook, eat salads a lot. Is there free camping allowed in Europe? Plenty of it here in Australia. Our budget is $15000/year. But we’re only really doing Asia. Maybe we’ll get as far as Greece, Turkey and Egypt, but at least a solid year in SE Asia and the Indian Subcontinent. Our daily budget will be down around $25/day ( I haven’t done the maths, that’s a guestimate). I know that the last time we were in India we did 3 months on $10 /day for a couple. We are now a family of 4 so it will be more. I don’t envy you European prices but I still think you can do it. ( I’m British, by the way, I know what stuff costs over that end) Maybe you could just keep on driving East ’till you hit the cheaper countries. 🙂

  3. thanks for the votes of confidence! In europe, or certainly France there are camper parking spaces and quite often it’s free or very cheap to stop the night so we’ll be utilising those when we can and maybe going to a campsite when we need to shower and recharge things. We’ll see how it goes anyway!

  4. i think you can do it too. bartering at end of markets for fruit and veg, meal planning a bit, but having back up in the van so if caught short somewhere you don’t have to go out and buy food at a premium. petrol is going to be the big expend.

  5. Budgets are so unique to the individual travellers, there are people travelling all over the world with budgets from $5 to $100s a day. You figure out what is best for you as you go and you live within your means, we get comments all the time about having a hefty budget but my idea of hell is spending a year in dorm rooms in hostels, it’s what works for us. You’re travelling slowly and have the great housesitting gigs to look forward to which should help.

    Our motto is – absolute worst case scenario, you come home.

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